Addressable Relationships is The New Definition of CRM

As I arrived at Cannes, my primary objective was to emphasize the transformative power of CRM and “Addressable Relationships.” By addressable relationships, I mean treating each individual as a unique entity in their customer journey, where messages, experiences, and everything in between are tailor-made for their specific needs. Addressable relationships form the core of CRM's future growth, as they involve acknowledging the interdependence of media, data, and experience. By seamlessly connecting all these touchpoints, we unlock the potential for creative commerce to thrive.


Data integration is driving CRM + Media growth: Just last year, conversations revolved around data clean rooms and data privacy black boxes. However, our partners have shifted their focus towards enabling data sharing with the brands they collaborate with. This empowers brands to leverage the data and cultivate more profound connections with their consumers. Liberating the data resources fuels a highly interconnected customer journey through addressable relationships, a long-awaited advancement in our industry. Consequently, consumers feel understood by the brand, fostering a strong affinity between them.

Relationships are key: Relationships play a pivotal role in fostering innovation within our industry. By establishing connections between the appropriate partners, brands, and entities within Publicis, we cultivate an environment primed for success. Recognizing the power of these relationships is essential in driving positive outcomes.

CRM will be a central focus in 2024: Based on meetings held, sessions attended, and discussions had, it’s clear that CRM is primed to take center stage as a major topic of discussion next year. Building upon the key theme of Creative Commerce in 2023, 2024 will witness the emergence of a new era of modern CRM for brands. The integration of CRM and Media, fueled by shared data sources, will drive significant advancements in this space, propelling the industry forward.

Generative CRM: is a term that everyone will use in the near future. It represents a powerful combination of generative AI and customer data, revolutionizing productivity and efficiency. Its capabilities encompass a wide range of functions, including answering queries, generating conversational text, composing emails, and even addressing challenges in areas like human disease and the environment. The more it is utilized, the smarter and more adept it becomes. With Generative CRM taking care of mundane everyday tasks, valuable time is freed up to focus on more significant projects. By swiftly scouring the internet and relevant data, it aids in crafting superior responses within customer service interactions. Additionally, it has the capacity to generate knowledge articles based on past interactions, ensuring a continuously improving support system.