Connected Commerce with the Omnichannel Shopper

In the ever-changing world of Omnichannel planning, Campbell’s is finding new ways to utilize retail platforms, shoppable media, and innovative models of integrating shopper marketing, retail media, and ecommerce. The challenges have never been greater to invest in the right platforms, manage multiple budget sources to drive commerce share and profitability, and always keep the consumer at the center of decision making. Campbell’s faces similar challenges as other CPG’s with a retailer led business model vs. DTC and the complexity is compounded by their organizational structure of 2 separate divisions in different locations and building cohesive JBP plans with retail partners. Campbell’s is building new “Connected Commerce” ways of working with their agency partners to tackle these challenges and drive profitable growth.

Capitalize on the Planning Process

As marketers continue to innovate their planning processes, it’s important for them to establish benchmarks against specific Retail Media Networks. By doing so, both parties are clear on how the campaign is being measured and should be optimized.

Approach to Growth Matters

The way brands show up to shoppers and how they evaluate success can have an impact on overall growth. There will be times when a brand should relinquish guaranteed performance of a campaign to experiment with new media approaches and targeting strategies.

Transparency Matters

It’s imperative that RMNs become more transparent with data sharing with their suppliers and drive a stronger sense of collaboration. RMNs are still relatively new and determining the best ways to service their partners. By working closely and openly, RMNs can build lasting trust with suppliers that can best position themselves for increased future investment.

This article is part of the Retail Media Summit Trends Report 2022 – download the full report here.