Keyword extraction in e-commerce

Keyword extraction is an automated process that analyses large amounts of text in order to identify and extract the most relevant and important words. Historically, it has been one of the most crucial steps in creating successful content for e-commerce websites and digital marketplaces. Traditionally discussed within the SEO context, keyword extraction and keyword research help identify relevant keywords that could generate increased traffic and high-quality leads for a brand or business. The more optimised content on a website, the better it ranks on search results leading to increased click through rates. In e-commerce, searching on online marketplaces is akin to searching on google. Finding and identifying keywords that customers use when searching for products online can enable brands to create content around these keywords to target and engage their audience. This is critical to improving the discoverability of products, ensuring that visitors are directed to the right products as a result of increased click through rates, and capturing the right sales as a result of higher conversions. Keywords can help build brand awareness and establish brand credibility among a target audience. Additionally, these keywords may also help both retailers as well as brands understand how the market perceives their products. Ultimately, keyword extraction and keyword research can be used in many ways but primarily, they are used to improve organic visibility across search engines of online marketplaces.

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