NEW STUDY: Connect CRM and Commerce to Power Insights, Experiences, and Lifetime Value

The rising cost of customer acquisition and growing constraints of data deprecation means creating and delivering the best and most effective customer experience possible is more difficult than ever. 

The solution lies in combining CRM and commerce to address the end-to-end customer engagement. CRM and customer experience (CX) decision-makers know that finding new ways to combine CRM and commerce data is an essential step to achieve this and remain competitive. 

The Publicis Digital Experience commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the challenges and opportunities brands face using CRM and commerce data to create great CX. 

To do this, Forrester surveyed 673 decisionmakers at the director level or higher in marketing, CX, IT, and CRM in North America and Europe. 

Forrester found that brands face many challenges across the customer journey and overcoming them would unlock significant business benefits.

Download the research here.