Prime Day 2020 - D1

2020 is a year of exceptions and that includes Prime Day. We saw one of the most awaited shopping days of the year pushed back to October and extended to a two-day event. Day 1 is done and we think it was worth the wait.

Using our proprietary technology, Commerce Intelligence, Publicis Commerce looked at some of the most notable Prime Day discounts.

UK and US consumers looking to snag a deal were in luck with each market boasting over 6,000 deals at a time. With an average discount rate of 34.5%, both in the US and UK, deals quickly sold out only to be replaced with a steady flow of must-haves from TVs to almonds. In fact, if you’ve had your eye on a deal, stop reading, go scoop it up and come back. The stats will be here, but the Prime Day finds may not.

The US continues to treat Prime Day as an institution with all major retailers launching their own “anti-Prime Day deals”. Not surprisingly, we saw Walmart, Target and Best Buy respond with some hard to miss bargains. What was more surprising is that we saw Best Buy’s own house brand, Insignia, make a guest appearance on Prime Day. In the UK, some of the not to be missed deals included laptops, home appliances and personal care products. Big names like Microsoft, Oral-B and LG made an appearance but we also saw some lesser known brands jumping on the chance to put great deals in front of consumers.

Prime Day also created some rare seismic shifts on the Amazon platform. Normally, we don’t see big, rapid changes in top products in each category, but Prime Day was a different story. Day over day, we saw a 94% swap in the best-seller lists with over 600 new products moving into the top-selling elite.

Surely, it can’t be just about deals. We used Commerce Intelligence to analyse some of the products to watch and one in particular really stood out. Content was incredibly strong both leading up to Prime Day and on the day itself. Not only were things like Product Title and Copy following best practices but also the product had harder to control content attributes like the Amazon’s Choice badge.

Commerce Intelligence saw that paid share of shelf increased 10% over the last month while competitors typically saw a 1-4% increase month over month. That’s why we saw this ASIN join the movers and shakers and increase their position by 50 in one day.

Strong content, investment in paid media and a high value promotion make this ASIN one to watch.

Commerce Intelligence is going to continue watching Prime Day as it unfolds. Stay with us for our day by day analysis.          

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