Publicis Commerce 2022 Predictions

From Social Commerce to Sustainability, Publicis Commerce Experts Share their 2022 Predictions

As the Pandemic spirals into 2022 – we are entering a year that will continue to see the acceleration of trends already adopted into the “new normal.” 2021 was full of marketing buzzwords: DTC, Crypto, Metaverse, NFTs, Livestreaming and more. We asked our Global Commerce Experts their take on what the new year will bring for Commerce and a few key themes stood out. 

Social Commerce

Sixty percent of people will discover a new product on a social media platform. In 4 years, social commerce sales are expected to more than double to $80B in the U.S. To keep up with the trend, brands will need to create radically relevant social commerce experiences that inspire product discovery, drive revenue, and enable a deeper view of the consumer. 

When it comes to social commerce, customer expectations with changing habits are at the forefront of our team’s minds: 

“There’s going to be a big opportunity with social commerce as customer expectations continue to evolve. Retailers are going to have to meet consumers on their terms and on the platforms they frequent most – such as Instagram, TikTok and Meta.” – Stuart Johnston, UK Omnichannel Commerce Director, Publicis Commerce

"As consumer habits change, we are seeing this paradigm shift and collapsing of the traditional sales funnel. People are using social platforms to discover and buy a product within the same experience. The creative and technological resources that social platforms provide have allowed us to tap into a brands IP and produce remarkable shopping experiences." – Adam Kessler, Director, Commerce Strategy, Zenith 

Rapid Commerce and Ease of Use

E-commerce is here to stay. U.S. consumers have spent an extra $183B online — equivalent to an entire holiday shopping season — during the pandemic so far. Direct is the new normal. Now, more than ever, businesses must answer consumer needs by providing a direct route for products to reach customers. 

Here’s what some of our Commerce experts had to say about rapid commerce and meeting customer’s expectations:

"Over the past two years, we’ve gotten used to ease and speed and I think that’s going to continue. Even though some shoppers are saying that they want to go back in store I think once they get into the store, wait in the line, wait to be waited on – I think we’re going to see that people are going to stick with online shopping – and in fact are going to demand even more speed and more ease to get the things they want." – Allysun Lundy, VP, Retail Media Strategy, Publicis Media

"We are seeing huge strides in quick commerce – in the US and the UK, same day and same hour delivery propositions are exploding. This is true particularly in grocery retail. I believe we are going to see this scale rapidly into next year." – Stuart Johnston, UK Omnichannel Commerce Director, Publicis Commerce

"I think consumers will demand ease of use, relevance and great service from brands. As a consumer, I would say to brands: Make this easier for me. Make it fun for me to buy from you, show me the right things. Remove the barriers. Make your site faster, make your check-out process simpler." – Marc Ruesing, Managing Director Performance, Publicis Media DE 

Personalized Experiences

70% of sales are now digitally influenced, but many digital experiences are falling short of meeting customer expectations. As a result, 45% of consumers cut their spending with a brand after a bad experience. In a constantly evolving landscape of customer expectations and preferences, brands must be agile when it comes to improving their digital experiences. 

Our Commerce experts urge brands to optimize their data and take personalization seriously: 

“One of the key trends that we're going to see in 2022 is uber personalization through zero party data – to create unique experiences for every consumer. With the impending loss of cookies, companies are looking for different ways to collect data and zero party data will be at the forefront of that." –  Shirley Johnson, Senior Director, Strategy and Performance, Razorfish 

"I think what everyone should be prepared for is more and better personalized experiences when you’re shopping – so consumers should expect and not be surprised by how much data is being used to talk to you. And I think retailers in that same vein should be expected and expecting to use the data wisely." – Margaux Logan, VP, Head of Online Marketplaces Commerce, Publicis Commerce

"If I look at 2021, and my best shopping experiences, customization and personalization come to mind." – Gosia Rakowska, Head of eCommerce SEA, Publicis Groupe


Our Commerce experts feel passionately about one topic that deserves a larger share of the conversation – that of sustainability. Morgan Stanley projected that by 2022, Amazon alone would ship over 6.5 billion packages in the U.S. One thing that the pandemic has taught us is that if consumers demand it – brands and retailers will respond. Should the call for sustainability build from consumers, so too will the response from brands. 

"One of my biggest hopes for 2022 is broader adoption of sustainability standards for measuring the footprints of products. More and more DTC brands have been describing their products logistics as carbon neutral but there’s been an industry rallying cry for something more standardized and it would be tremendous to see as a positive reinforcement that brands care about future climate concerns." – Paul Williams, Commerce Product Strategy Lead, Publicis Commerce

"I know that there’s been a lot of talk about sustainability – but I think one of the biggest trends we’re going to see is transparency around sustainability. It’s a message that continues to get thrown around – it’s just like when “organic” produce became the grocery buzzword. It’s one thing to say you are sustainable but what’s a brands true environmental impact?" – Becky Durbin, Director of eCommerce, Shopper & Performance Marketing, Hawkeye

"My commerce wish is that in 2022 we see sustainability, specifically reusable packaging, become mainstream. Single use packaging creates excess waste and companies like Olive offer a solution with premium reusable shopping containers for delivery of goods, which can be used, and reused to deliver other peoples’ goods, minimizing global waste. The idea is great in concept and aligns with the trends we see with Gen Z’s consumption preferences, but to take off, it would also require a seismic shift in consumers dependency on the two-day-or-less delivery." – Natalie Gilliam, VP of Commerce, Samsung

Between Social Commerce, Rapid Commerce, Personalization and Sustainability – we have an exciting year ahead of us. We’ll be covering these topics and more throughout 2022, so be sure to follow us and check back here for Commerce insights.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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