Back-to-School Overview 2023

With Summer in full swing, the warm weather and longer days have brought about a sense of excitement and relaxation. However, for marketers, our minds are already focused on the Back-to-School shopping season. That time of year when students of all ages, along with their parents, are on the hunt for essential school supplies – with laptops and tablets, backpacks, pens, pencils, and an array of other school necessities topping the shopping lists.

Here at Publicis Commerce, we understand the significance of this season and its impact on brands and retailers. By analyzing the prominent trends and leveraging our extensive network of partners, we have gathered insights that can serve as a guiding light for brands seeking to thrive during this momentous shopping event. In this report, we will explore the emerging trends in Back-to-School shopping, providing valuable information on the changing preferences of students and parents alike.

Download our Back-to-School Overview here. 

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