Join the Creative Commerce Revolution

With attention dispersed and the purchase funnel collapsing, practically anything and everything can now be transformed into a commerce experience. Thanks to our influence and valuable partnerships, Publicis Groupe has the capability to turn every brand interaction into an opportunity for shopping.

During Cannes all along the Croisette, Publicis Commerce organized numerous open sessions with our partners, showcasing how we adapt their offerings to be easily shoppable. This innovative approach allows us to bring commerce directly to where the attention of consumers lies. Additionally, we held extensive client deep dives to help them capture attention in the specific areas where they aim to host commerce, by harnessing the power of Generative AI to provide highly relevant and brand-specific responses to the wide-ranging questions that consumers are currently asking in the market.


• Embrace Commerce as a comprehensive, interconnected offering that integrates media, experiences, technology, and data.

• Assess where your target audience is devoting their attention, as these individuals are crucial to your brand's growth. Identify opportunities to bring commerce to those spaces. • Identify the key questions that align with your brand's expertise and credibility. Tailor your content strategy to address these broader inquiries effectively.

• Establish your brand as a trusted curator of information and a provider of high-quality content in an era where content creation is becoming effortlessly abundant. Prioritize quality over quantity.

• Shift your focus towards transforming every commerce dollar spent into valuable data, whether through transactions or by initiating a meaningful relationship with consumers. Consider data acquisition as a significant outcome of your commerce efforts.

Commerce is becoming expected and possible everywhere. However, the key to driving engagement lies in creating valuable experiences, enabled by seamless technology integration and enriched by meaningful data insights. Brands must position themselves strategically to be present in the expected commerce spaces, while also ensuring their presence is genuinely useful and relevant when called upon.