The Live Commerce Opportunity Ahead Of Us

In an increasingly complex shopping ecosystem, social media channels are emerging as easier, more streamlined ways to unravel the discovery experience. Social commerce, representing 11.7% of ecommerce sales in China, had a head start in the West, but has been slower to be adopted, representing only 3.4% of all sales. There is a huge opportunity within social commerce, specifically within livestreaming, to make up some of this ground, as 82% of social platform users would prefer to watch a live video compared to any other type of social post.

Publicis Commerce’s SVP Global Product Strategy Lead Ali Amarsy shared his thoughts on the Live Commerce opportunity with MediaPost including what we can learn from China and how brands can engage people while staying true to the platform.  

Additionally, we’ve pulled together a Live Commerce Overview that highlights Best Practices and Watch-Outs, a deep dive into the market from tech providers, as well as case studies. You can download the full report here.