Engaging Consumers Online and IRL

The theme of Day Two for Commerce Week was all about how to engage consumers online and IRL. Speakers focused on the hybridization of the two, particularly on how the online experience is becoming more creative and personable while brick and mortar continues to evolve. The balancing act between both sides of commerce, the evolution of the relationship and consumer expectations were all key parts of the discussion.

Throughout the day, three main trends emerged:

Relationship Building with Consumers

Consumers who shop online aren’t necessarily expecting anything more than a transactional experience. Owning your audience, understanding their loyalty drivers and, most importantly, taking action on those drivers is key to relationship building. Creating and investing in technology that assists with this and shows how you understand your shopper is the next expenditure of resources many leaders expect and want to make.

Connected Commerce – Creating Consumer Touchpoints

Understanding the relevant ways a consumer may interact with your brand or platform is another avenue for innovation and building engagement. Shoppable content, experiential content (including in-store experience) and even payments are examples of where and how marketers can drive engagement. Curated, controlled experiences that allow a consumer to feel in control are all places to consider evolving as you drive the relationship. The more you develop these spaces, the more opportunity for both return and further engagement.

Inspiring Consumers

Finally, inspiration and how it cements the relationship with the consumer and drives return was peppered throughout the conversations. It should come as no surprise that data-driven marketing is the core of eCommerce, but where it starts to get interesting is taking that data and creating a space that consumers can’t resist – and don’t want to. Curated aisles online, targeted messaging, and offers are table stakes. The next phase will be to ensure that stores offer products curated for the local demographic with easy in-store pick-up. Additionally, having products ready for immediate shipping or delivery from a distribution center nearby is key.

This article is part of the Adweek Commerce Week Trends Report 2022 – download the full report here.