Tips for Priming for Prime-Day

Amazon Prime Day has been around since 2015, and by now, most marketers are well aware of the importance of this highly anticipated seasonal event. So, rather than do a total retread, I wanted to hone in on a few key highlights around the current Commerce trends of 2022 and the impact they will have on this year’s Prime Day.

  1. The consumer market is in a constant state of change. The consumers of today are not the same as last year. In fact, they may not even be the same as last month. Inflation is very real, and shoppers are taking a long hard look at how much they're spending and what they're spending on. Promotional pricing and special packs should be a focus. Highlighting deals with well optimized content that demonstrates true value will be essential to winning this year.

  2. This goes without saying but being retail-ready is Amazon 101. Outside of Cyber5, Prime Day is perhaps the most critical time of year to ensure your products are readily available at fulfillment centers. Slow-moving supply chains and trucking delays are still a major concern; ensure you are ready to drive media to the appropriate ASINs and have a failsafe if there are out of stocks or other issues that prevent conversion.  

  3. Content is the key to your success for Prime Day—and every day. Do you have A+ content that checks all the boxes and highlights your product USPs? Are your key ASIN PDPs and brand storefronts fully optimized, findable, and ready to convert? The answer should be yes!

  4. Plan for pre- and post-Prime Day. Are you driving search and display to key deals? Are you ready to capitalize on the extra site traffic for the 3 days pre- and post-Prime Day, too? If you aren't running deals, this is an excellent way to capitalize upon the event regardless.

  5. Finally, consider your retail strategy for all events during Prime Day. Amazon isn't the only one driving Commerce during this period. Understanding your consumer at the major retailers as well as how and what they are shopping for is critical. This will help you effectively allocate the appropriate budget, product and promotions, messaging, and media strategy to get your fair market share. 

It's never too late to enhance or improve what you have in place. Part of winning in Commerce is planning strategically and then having the flexibility to change that strategy as needed.

Happy Prime Day!