Innovation and Integration Lead Top CES Tech

The standout theme at CES 2024 revolved around the seamless integration of technology into daily life, emphasizing not just convenience but an enhanced overall experience – making life better (or easier). The event underscored how connected tech has the power to influence thoughts, emotions, and actions. While AI took center stage, its impact varied, with some instances lacking meaningful application. 

Below is a roundup of the connected technology that stood out the most to me during CES – from the convention floor to the keynotes and main event.

  • EssilorLuxottica’s Integrated Eyewear and Hearing Aids: EssilorLuxottica’s innovative solution merges eyewear and hearing aids seamlessly. Unlike standalone wearables, this integration empowers users to express their needs while maintaining a fashionable look. This addresses the evolving needs of GenX and Millennials as they age, providing assistance without compromising style. Anticipating and addressing emerging needs is crucial. Innovations like EssilorLuxottica’s integrated eyewear highlight the importance of form and function, catering to the changing requirements of different demographic groups.

  • OliverIQ's Smart Home Integration: Connectivity amongst separate platforms is perhaps the bane of smart home user existence. OliverIQ has created a platform that allows seamless conversation amongst the different software and applications needed to power a home from top to bottom. Making it easier for consumers to use your technology is a win for everyone and sometimes the best recognition of the need comes from the outside – and listening to your consumers. OliverIQ's smart home integration serves as a reminder for marketers to focus on creating user-friendly ecosystems. Simplifying technology usage benefits both consumers and businesses, fostering a positive relationship between users and their devices.

  • Withings' Connected Health Experience with BeamO: The BeamO is a 4-in-1 healthcare tool catering to at-home needs. This device consolidates a thermometer, pulse oximeter, ECG, and stethoscope into one, facilitating telehealth appointments and empowering healthcare providers to assess vital signs accurately. Withings' BeamO demonstrates the value of all-in-one solutions in healthcare technology. Marketers should explore ways to consolidate tools, making health-related (and really all) devices more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly.

Many of the showcased technologies at CES may not be immediately perceived as essential, but innovation is about anticipating the need and answering it in advance. Consumer connection and making life better or easier is a critical need as we expect more and more technical adoption. The least innovation can do is make itself easier to adopt.