Publicis Commerce 2022 Trend Highlights and 2023 Predictions

As we came out of the commerce boom, due to the pandemic, marketers threw everything at the wall to continue our historic growth. In 2022, we saw several innovative experiences beginning to flourish. This led to an incredible amount of new data and knowledge brands gained from their consumers. Now more than ever brands have a deeper understanding of who their shoppers are, why they shop with them, and what they value in their experience with their brand.

While 2022 was the year for innovating, 2023 will be a year for refining and perfecting from the past year's learnings. Brands and marketers will start honing their channel strategies and creating better experiences to retain consumers attention. The dust has begun to settle on shifting consumer behaviors, but inflation may cause more stirs. Marketers need to lean in on learnings from 2022 and historical learnings from pervious times of economic uncertainty for a successful new year.

Check out our report on key commerce trends from 2022 and a deep dive on what’s ahead for 2023!

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