The beauty category benefits from high penetration across e-commerce, it is also projected to continue to grow for years to come. Beauty brands, both traditional and D2C, have fully embraced the entire ecosystem of new commerce including influencer endorsements, entertainment properties and the e-commerce feedback loop in order to grow the category in a way that none other has done to date.

Even with their leading position, there is opportunity for growth in the beauty category through channel awareness, connectivity to in-store sales, marketplace and creation of D2C brands to gain even more customers and grow profitability. We will see this happen through clear calculation of attribution of channel contribution and improved user experience across the entire process.

The growth potential is propelled by multiple small D2C brands who are rapidly expanding their portfolio depth. Future leading brands will be built upon a deep consumer understanding of movements across specialty retailers and their own D2C offerings. Experiences for the consumers must be seamless with consistent content brand stories and value positioning. Without a strong position to monitor brands across retailers and marketplaces, D2C brands risk dropping sales into grey markets.


It all starts with understanding the consumer trends and their behavior across the multiple channels. We are able to provide brands with an in-depth analysis of consumer and retailer trends. We work with you across marketing and trade solutions to better track sellers, volumes and consumer trends to create actionable plans will help you to halt the grey market growth and deliver seamless experiences.