Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness has become the most pro-active category in the online space, proving with the rise of self-care, that behavior change is not only possible, but likely. Propelled by greater global access and the active aging population of developed countries, technology has opened up opportunities for massive growth in e-commerce.

As OTC brands continue to build presence across commerce platforms, they must do so with intelligent consideration of consumer value for each product. It is this value, shown as consumer trust, which is critical to drive repeat sales. This trust factor is enabled through smart content which educates consumers, assures them of solution viability and connects them to brands when they desire a stronger one to one contact when they have concerns and questions.


Through our commerce monitoring platform, we are able to provide brands with an in-depth analysis of consumer and retailer trends. These insights allow our brand partners to act proactively across content and product solutions to better manage their business. The category has seen an unprecedented

level of competition coming from Private Labels. Our insights provide actionable growth modeling to protect your business against competitive advances and create deeper value connections with your customer base ensuring that your brands are positioned as leaders in this rapidly growing category.