Luxury is built on exclusive consumer experiences, unparalleled brand stories, influencer’s connection to retail and aspirational lifestyles which brands deliver across all products, from entry level items like perfume all the way to couture designs. Because of this experiential touchstone of the luxury world, the category has been slower to adapt to e-commerce. Today, the sector is rapidly picking up share and is expected to capture 18% of all ecommerce sales revenue by 2023.

The ability to consistently deliver brand narratives across platforms, from offline to social, from traditional retail to marketplaces, will be what consumers demand of luxury as it expands into commerce. Immersive brand experiences must live across every engagement.


We help luxury brands to better understand their shopper and how they navigate between the offline and online world, we also help them to better understand consumer channel preference and experiential brand journey. The luxury vertical typically keeps a hand on the pulse on what competition is doing. Our tools help luxury brands better asses the category and evolving competitive performance in order to win in this high-margin vertical.