Consumer Packaged Goods


Starting in 2019, CPG sales became the fastest-growing ecommerce category, while at the same time it remains the least penetrated. There are two key drivers pushing the overall category into the forefront and both are linked to human behaviors; desire for value and desire for quality.

The vast majority of the sales in this category are being driven by online retailers and marketplaces. Because of this, your customer experiences are dictated by e-retailers, existing within the realm of their site restrictions.

Successful brands must cultivate experiences beyond their physical product. They need to strike the right balance between working with indirect channels (online retailers, marketplaces), and direct-to-consumer experiences. To do well, brands require a deeper understanding of channel conflict, consumer preference, category use-cases and product positioning which can include solutions such as value-based product bundles, exclusive direct-to-consumer products and quality content. Each element must connect across adjacent verticals and must be customized to highlight price, value, delivery time, and customization of selection.


Leveraging our deep category understanding and our Commerce Intelligence platform, we are able to help brands to source new data points and uncover in-market insights. We work with your trade and marketing teams to prioritize your sales channels and partners. In this process, we conduct an analysis which allows us to work with clients to build actionable plans across their D2C experiences and with retail partners. Our team of experts executes this plan with excellence across all Publicis Commerce capabilities.